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KCCTE technical workshops will assist CTE instructors in continuing to deliver information that is valuable to today's CTE students.  If you have a recommendation for a workshop topic in your content area, we will appreciate your input.



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KCCTE professional mentoring is provided as a flexible model based upon a CTE instructor’s individual needs. Kansas CTE instructors will have access as needed for support in classroom and laboratory instruction from university professors.


A Note from Jay Scott, KSDE

“As Career & Technical Education continues to grow and thrive in Kansas along with an increasingly highly-skilled workforce, it’s crucial Kansas CTE teachers have access to the most current, industry-standardized curriculum along with best practices in teaching to create powerful learning experiences for students. The Kansas Center for CTE teaching at Pittsburg State University has gone above and beyond to meet the professional development needs of our CTE educators in Kansas by providing timely and relevant workshops that integrate technical skills and knowledge with quality instructional strategies. Our CTE team here at the Kansas State Department of Education views the KCCTE as the premier professional development provider for all CTE educators, experienced and new, across the great state of Kansas.”

Jay Scott, Assistant Director - CTE
Career, Standards, and Assessment Services

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