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KCCTE Mentoring Program

The KCCTE provides a mentoring program utilized by both secondary and post-secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) instructors. In the development and management of this program, KCCTE has continued to grow a strong program that has achieved a 91% retention rate of new CTE instructors.

Mentee Application

KCCTE matches CTE instructors within their first two years of teaching with an experienced CTE instructor in the same content area, providing content support to the new CTE instructor which may not be available within their district.  The mentors are guided by KCCTE faculty consultants who have experience in secondary level teaching and at the university level in Technical Teacher Education.

The KCCTE mentoring program specifically provides:

  • networking opportunities to Kansas CTE instructors, offering them support as they transition into their role as a classroom teacher.
    • one-on-one instruction individualized to each instructor’s needs
    • group instruction in an online network
  • confidential feedback for the mentee to achieve continuous improvement in classroom and laboratory instruction.
  • content specific learning opportunities within each content area.

KSDE Mentoring Requirements


The KCCTE Mentoring Program has been approved by KSDE to be a third party mentor for Kansas CTE instructors. This program provides and coordinates mentoring support for new and developing CTE instructors, meeting the mentor support regulations for initial licensure.

KCCTE Mentoring Program

Flexible Model

Mentors provide guidance in developing goals for instructional improvement based upon specific needs determined through a New Teacher Inventory tool.

Content-specific support

Mentors provide content-specific CTE support that might not be available locally.

Lab Safety

Mentors provide models and feedback for maintaining safe and organized CTE labs.

Instructional Resources

Mentors provide instructional resources to enrich the CTE instructor’s classroom content.

Online Network

The mentoring community provides a supportive online network, allowing the opportunity to share ideas with other CTE instructors.

Professional Development

The mentoring program participants are given many opportunities to complete activities for professional development that can be used for licensure purposes.

Mentor Responsibilities

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Mentee Responsibilities

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Are You New to CTE?

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