Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Education - KCCTE

BSCTE Program Guide


Communication (9 hours) 

ENGL 101 English Composition, 3
ENGL 190 Honors English Composition (or)
ENGL 299 Introduction to Research Writing, 3
COMM 207 Speech Communication, 3

Social and Behavioral Science (6 hours) 

Economics, geography, political science, psychology, sociology

Mathematics and Science (6 hours) 

Biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics (MATH 017 Elementary Algebra, MATH 019 Intermediate Algebra, or two hours of MATH 110 College Algebra with Review
are not accepted for the mathematics and science area of concentration.)

Humanities (6 hours) 

Art, foreign language, history, literature, music, philosophy, theatre

Electives (16 hours) 

To be selected from any courses taken outside the College of Technology

Total General Education 43


Major Requirements (45 hours)

TTED 193 Workshop for Beginning CTE Teachers, 3
TTED 201 *Occupational Work Experience, 3-12
TTED 308 Laboratory and Shop Safety, 3
TTED 391 Student Assessment Development in CTE, 3
TTED 395 Task Analysis for Technical Teachers, 1
TTED 396 Curriculum Usage in Technical Education, 2
TTED 401 *Occupational Work Experience, 3-12
TTED 445 Development of a Unit Study Guide, 3
TTED 607 Student Leadership Development in CTE, 3
TTED 608 Components of Work-based Learning in CTE, 3
TTED 610 Seminar, 3
TTED 619 Planning Shop Layout for CTE, 3
TTED 694 *Foundations of Career and Technical Education, 3
TTED 695 Using Technology as an Instructional Tool, 3
TTED 697 *Ident & Instr of Students w/Special Needs
or SPED-510 Overview of Education for Exceptional Children, 3
TTED 698 Leadership and Professionalism in CTE, 3
TTED 780 Classroom Management in CTE, 3

Area of Support (15 hours)

PSYCH 263 Developmental Psychology, 3
PSYCH 357 Educational Psychology, 3
TTED 479 Techniques for Teaching CTE, 3
TTED 483 Teaching Internship, 3-6

Technical Electives (17 hours)

General Requirements 43

Core Requirements 77

Total Hours 120

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*Note: We plan our course schedule 5 years in advance in order to have unique course offerings available each semester.

For specific courses, see General Education Requirements in the current University Catalog.

The Faculty Senate on December 18, 1989, adopted the General Education Committee’s recommendation to grant an exception from the general education requirements as stated in this current catalog for the BSCTE degree candidates and permit these students to meet the requirements for graduation by meeting the general education requirements listed in the 1984-86 PSU Catalog, on page 31, with an additional 16 hours of general education electives.

Students enrolled as on-campus students are required to meet the 2005-2007 University Catalog general education requirements. This policy was reaffirmed by the General Education Committee on October 15, 2004, and the Faculty Senate on November 22, 2004.

NOTE: The information contained herein is to be used for the planning of a student’s academic program and does not constitute a contract. While this guide was prepared with the latest information available on 2/12/2016 courses, graduation requirements, and curricula are subject to change.