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Mentoring Program Overview

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The Kansas Center for CTE (KCCTE) is a legislative mandated entity, established in 2014 with the purpose of providing technical and professional development for Career and Technical Education (CTE) instructors. KCCTE has four objectives:

    • Provide technical workshops
    • Provide an online resource sharing library
    • Provide a mentoring network
    • Provide Technical Teacher Education coursework

KCCTE is housed in the Technology and Workforce Learning department of Pittsburg State University.

Increased Retention Rate

In development and management of the mentoring program, utilized by both secondary and post-secondary CTE instructor, KCCTE has continued to grow a strong program that has achieved a 91% retention rate of new CTE teachers. Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on teacher retention this is a very strong retention rate.

KCCTE matches CTE teachers within their first two years of teaching with an experienced CTE teachers in the same content area, providing content support to the new CTE teacher which may not be available within their district. The mentors are guided by KCCTE faculty consultants with teaching experience in both the secondary/post-secondary levels and at the university level in Technical Teacher Education.

The KCCTE Mentoring Program specifically provides:

  • Networking opportunities to Kansas CTE teachers, offering them support as they transition into their role as a classroom teacher.
    • One-on-one instruction individualized to each teacher’s needs
    • Group instruction in an online network
  • Confidential feedback for the mentee to achieve continuous improvement in classroom
    and laboratory instruction.
  • Content specific learning opportunities within each content area.


The KCCTE Mentoring Program has been approved by KSDE to be a third-party mentor for Kansas CTE teachers. This program provides and coordinates mentoring support for new and developing CTE teachers, meeting the mentor support regulations for initial licensure.

The KCCTE Mentoring Program engages mentors who hold a current professional teaching license or certificate and have three years of CTE teaching experience at the secondary or postsecondary level. All mentors must complete annual mentor training. They are required to maintain regular contact with their assigned mentee and support the new and developing CTE teacher to be successful in the CTE program/pathway.

Perkins Eligible Program Funding

The KCCTE Mentoring Program conducts summer training and runs during the school year. To build a quality support program there is a charge of $2,000 for each mentee. This charge is for the first year of the program, with the second year provided at no charge. For approved entities, KSDE or KBOR will cover $1,000 of the cost with Perkins funds if the participant is teaching in a currently approved Perkins eligible program. The local district will be responsible for the balance of the payment.

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