Building Responsive Websites with Bootstrap, HTML & CSS - KCCTE

Building Responsive Websites with Bootstrap, HTML & CSS

Pittsburg State University/KTC - Pittsburg, KS
November 12, 2021 9:00 am CST - November 12, 2021 5:00 pm CST
Cost: $50.00
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Workshop Fee = $50.00


Demonstrating proven methods of introducing students to building responsive websites with Bootstrap, HTML & CSS using the Visual Studio Code editor.

You’ll learn the steps I take my students through to understand how responsive design works and the mindset behind designing responsive websites that can be coded by hand.

  • Introduction to the Bootstrap Responsive Framework
  • Using Container, Row & Column Classes in Bootstrap
  • Using Bootstrap Helper Classes
  • Visual Studio Code basics
  • HTML & CSS
  • Using CSS Media Queries
  • Targeting HTML Elements with CSS IDs and Classes
  • Responsive Website Design Approach
  • Building a simple responsive page
  • Validating HTML & CSS


Presenter Details

Jason Reid

Jason Reid is an Associate Professor at Pittsburg State University. His teaching emphasis is Web & Interactive Media in the Department of Graphics and Imaging Technologies. Reid earned his MFA from the University of Arkansas in 2010. His industry experience includes Web Development, Online Marketing and E-commerce Management.