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KCCTE Overview

We are the Kansas Center for Career and Technical Education, or KCCTE, for short. We were created with the purpose of providing technical and professional development for Career and Technical, CTE, instructors. KCCTE has the following objectives:

  1. Provide technical workshops at a minimal cost to Kansas CTE instructors. These workshops will offer CTE instructors professional development opportunities to practice industry skills within their occupational area.
  2. Provide an online resource sharing library at no cost to Kansas CTE instructors. These resources will allow CTE instructors to collaborate and share educational resources with others within the same occupational area. Resources may include lesson plans, classroom management tips, and organizational tools.
  3. Provide a mentoring network at no cost to Kansas CTE instructors. This service will assist CTE instructors in transitioning to their professional role. Experienced CTE instructors will guide new CTE instructors upon request.
  4. Provide Technical Teacher Education coursework to Kansas CTE instructors. This coursework is specifically geared toward assisting CTE instructors in acquiring their professional education skills and credentials. This coursework will continue to be the quality instruction that the PSU Technical Teacher Education program has been providing in the past.
  5. Our newest objective, as of 2020, is to provide nationwide Industry Trainings to enhance technical skills within many industry areas. These trainings are provided by content experts who are eager to share their knowledge. Industry trainings are provided in various locations and can be customized to meet group training needs.

What is Career and Technical Education?

Career and Technical Education, CTE, is a term applied to schools, institutions, and educational programs that specialize in the skilled trades, applied sciences, modern technologies, and career preparation. For the state of Kansas, we separate these trades into specific categories:

kansas cte areas

Within the KCCTE, our dedicated staff is readily available to provide Workshops, Mentoring, Resources and Coursework for Kansas CTE Instructors.

Technical Teacher workshops provide:

  • hands-on technical skills training for instructional purposes.
  • networking opportunities with other CTE within the same content area.
  • instruction within a small, comfortable setting.
  • certificates of completion, which can be submitted at the local level for professional development points.

Technical teacher workshops are designed to provide teachers with knowledge of current trends, tools, equipment, and teaching methods in all CTE content areas.

Workshops are held at various locations throughout Kansas.

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The KCCTE resource sharing library provides:

Free resources for CTE instructors in many content areas. This allows CTE instructors to collaborate and share educational resources with others within the same occupational area. Possible items to share can include, but are not limited to: best lab practices, classroom management tips, lab safety reports, learning strategies, lesson plans, student activities, student assessments, or favorite rubric templates.

The KCCTE mentoring program specifically provides:

  • networking opportunities at no cost to Kansas CTE teachers, offering them support as they transition into their role as a classroom teacher.
    • one-on-one instruction individualized to each teacher’s needs
    • group instruction in an online network
  • confidential feedback for the mentee to achieve continuous improvement in classroom and laboratory instruction.
  • content specific learning opportunities within each content area.

Coursework Program Overview:

A variety of degree programs are offered through the Technical Teacher Education department. All courses are offered in one of two types of online methods:

1. Hybrid – provides a minimum of 50% coursework, but not more than 99%, of instruction (course material, discussion and evaluation) online through the learning management system (Canvas). Some learning time will be required via online instructional delivery (Zoom or similar tool) in a synchronous manner. All required times will be posted one semester in advance on the Five Year Schedule. This format will no longer require travel to Salina, Lenexa or Pittsburg, Kansas.

2. Online – provides 100% of the instruction (course material, discussion, evaluation) online through the learning management system (Canvas) and does not require synchronous* attendance on campus or via online instructional delivery (Zoom or similar tool).

enroll fall 2020

Degrees programs available include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Education
  • Master of Science in Career and Technical Education with three options – Family & Consumer Science, Technology Education, and Technical Teacher Education
  • Career and Technical Education Certificate
  • Career and Technical Education Administrator Certificate

Courses within this program are mapped out for five years, so teachers can easily plan their schedules.

For more information about the KCCTE, please email kccte@pittstate.edu or check out our Facebook page.

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