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2019 Fall CTE Workshops

Event information

November 07, 9:00 AM – November 08, 5:00 PM

Presented By: Kansas Center for Career and Technical Education

Location: Pittsburg State University/KTC

Address: 909 E. Ford, Pittsburg, KS 66762

Event details


  • Thursday, November 7 = 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Lunch provided)
  • Friday, November 8 = 8:00 am - 12 noon

Workshop Fee = $30.00 for 1 1/2 Day Training



  • Automotive Diagnostic Practices
    • This 1.5 day course will explore scope diagnosis using the Verus Edge/Pro scanner and use of the Snap-On Battery, Starting and Charging diagnostic cart. Lecture and hands-on lab activities will be included.


  • AMMT (Wood Technology)
    • Finishing tips and tricks with an emphasis on water based products.  Showing you how to create unique, quality finishes and use new products.  Along with the opportunity to ask questions from industry professionals. 
    • New and Old Must Haves:  See ideas and products that can help you in your classrooms.


  • Design Think Tank (Interior Design)
    • A design charrette is a team collaboration to generate a design solution to a problem. The workshop will focus on creative problem solving using the charrette approach to design.
    • The project will be applicable for use in a high school setting. The design will be completed on Thursday. On Friday, the design will take a 3 dimensional form either by a physical/digital model.


  • Adobe Illustrator
    • This presentation will cover basic Adobe Illustrator tools and techniques along with examples of projects used in GIT classes and resources used to enrich the student experience.


  • Creating Prototypes in Adobe XD
    • This lab is an essential dive into Adobe XD, an excellent tool for designing and prototyping websites and mobile apps. In this hands-on lab you’ll learn the basics necessary to create and deliver interactive experiences for websites, mobile apps and more.


  • Page Layout Using Adobe InDesign
    • Basics of InDesign® interface and software. Lessons will cover set up of single page, multi-page and folding documents. Tutorials will also provide instruction on image and text placement, as well as, proper document set up for varied intended outputs.


  • Technology & Engineering Education
    • Participants will experience two different mini workshops; CNC Design and Implementation, and Drone Basics, Programming, and Photography. Both workshops are hands on and will showcase techniques which can be implemented in the classroom.




Contact information

Tracey Eagon