KCCTE Statewide Mentoring Network

"The Pittsburg State mentoring program for CTE has been a wonderful experience.  It has given me someone to talk to at any time who is knowledgeable in my content area.  I have been able to collaborate with a professor and share ideas. I have gotten excellent feedback about what I am doing, which has helped me reflect on how I can improve in the classroom.  Most importantly, I have gained knowledge within my content area from an expert.  It has been very nice to be supported in such a way during my first year in a CTE classroom. " ~Amy Oades, FACS Instructor, Blue Valley Middle School

eMSS for New Secondary CTE Teachers:

KCCTE has partnered with Greenbush - The Southeast Kansas Education Service and The New Teacher Center to offer e-Mentoring for Student Success (eMSS) Mentoring.
  • eMSS program provides an online mentor and other professional development support.
  • Mentees are organized in a Community of Practice (Our Place) with other new CTE teachers based on CTE Field.
Mentee Expectations:
  • Communicate with mentor weekly via Our Place, email, phone call, video chat, etc.
  • Participate in goal setting with mentor
  • Complete 1 Exploration per year
  • Complete Pre and Post Surveys
  • Engage in classroom observations 3 times per year (video or in-person)

eMSS Flyer

New Post-Secondary CTE Teachers are offered:

  • networking opportunities at no cost to Kansas CTE teachers, offering them support as they transition into their role as a classroom teacher.
  • guidance based upon a CTE teacher's request through the website or by contacting the KCCTE.
  • access for support in classroom and laboratory instruction from other experienced CTE teachers with similar content areas.
  • each teacher a flexible model that is individually based upon the needs expressed by the mentee and observed by the mentor. 
  • a unique opportunity for the CTE teacher to receive one-on-one instruction and site-based visits without the requirements of attending classes or being enrolled at PSU.
  • confidential feedback for the mentee to achieve continuous improvement in classroom and laboratory instruction.

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Contact us today to participate in the mentoring program.

If you are a Kansas CTE teacher, and would like to request a mentor to support you in developing your instructional skills:

Request Mentoring

OR, if you are an experienced Kansas CTE teacher, and would like to share your expertise with others in your content area:

Mentor Application

  • Maximize development for new teachers
  • Create a network of support with a geographic advantage

KSDE Approved as Third Party Vendor

The KCCTE mentoring program has been approved by KSDE to be a third party mentor for Kansas Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers. This program provides and coordinates mentoring support for new and developing CTE teachers, meeting the mentor support regulation for teacher licensure renewal.

KCCTE Mentoring Network Objectives

KSDE Mentoring Requirements

Approved as a third-party mentor, meeting the mentor support regulation for teacher licensure renewal. 

Instructor Support

Provide instructional support to the CTE instructor as they transition into their professional role. Mentoring is provided upon request and delivered in a flexible model based upon each instructor's needs.

Continuous Improvement

Provide a non-threatening setting for the CTE teacher, which provides feedback and support for continuous improvement.

Instructional Resources

Provide classroom and laboratory resources to enrich the CTE instructor's classroom content.

Supportive Network

Provide a supportive network, allowing the opportunity to share ideas and resources with other teachers.

No Cost Skill Development

Provide individualized support from experienced teachers at no cost.