KCCTE Workshops

KCCTE provides technical workshops at a minimal cost to Kansas CTE instructors. These workshops offer CTE instructors professional development opportunities to practice industry skills within their occupational area.

KCCTE workshops:

  • are held across the state of Kansas, when possible.
  • are technical in nature.
  • provide tips for instructional delivery.
  • are provided for all career and technical educational areas.

Technical workshops are meant to expose teachers to current trends, tools, equipment, and teaching methods in their content area. Tips for teaching the technical skills and lab safety will be embedded into each workshop. Each workshop announcement will indicate the need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required.

Depending upon the workshop content, there may be a consumables fee. All registration fees are indicated in the registration form, and are due in advance, payable online or by invoice number.

Workshops are scheduled according to requests received from CTE teachers. 

Topic Request

Presenters are always welcome! We are seeking experienced teachers to lead a workshop in their content area that meets the needs expressed by their peers, and forwards the mission of the KCCTE.

Please review the information about workshop proposals and complete the Workshop Call for Presenters form (CFP).

Workshop CFP

Recent KCCTE Workshops

AutoCAD AutoDesk Fundamentals Workshop
~"The pace was very effective and the hands-on aspect was exactly what I needed."

Metal Casting Workshop Metal Casting Workshop
~"I enjoyed the opportunity to have a mixture of classroom and lab hands-on activities at this workshop."

Woods Workshop Wood Technology Workshop
~"This workshop allowed us to have interaction with fellow participants and instructors; it was very relaxed and interactive."